Sat Partner WOD 11/30

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardRowing Bowling On the 50's (Time)In teams of two do: - 50m row (each) - 100m row - 150m row [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"Live life on purpose" - Simon Sinek As simple as this sounds, every action we take in our lives should have a [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“Laziness, doesn’t get a vote. Frustration, doesn’t get a vote. Weakness, doesn’t get a vote. Negativity, doesn’t get a vote. Only you [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene Let’s not [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitWorkout Definition “I was complaining I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” - Confucius A short [...]

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11/23 Class WOD

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitView Public Whiteboard"Roll of the Dice" (AMRAP - Rounds)As a class team; with a 25 minute time cap: Roll the dice to [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardStrengthFront SquatTempo Front Squat (Week 1 of 2) On the Minute x 9: 1 Tempo Front Squat Tempo: * 5 [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitView Public WhiteboardMetconMetcon (Time)4 Rounds: 500 Meter Row 25 AbMat Sit-ups Directly Into... 4 Rounds: 60 Mtn Climbers 15 Push-upsMobilityFoam Roll Then: [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“I don’t like that man. I should get to know him better.” - Abraham Lincoln Perspective is everything. In the abundance mindset, [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“There is but one degree of commitment; total.” - Arnie Sherr When we are “interested” in something, we’ll do what’s convenient. But [...]

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