2701, 2022


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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

There are habits we can see, and habits we cannot.

There’s the physical side of habits which are easier to identify. Do we wake up at the same time every day? Do we show up to the gym consistently to train? Do we hold true to the nutrition plan we set out?

What’s more challenging, is to look further inward. And seek out the invisible habits. To reflect on the way we think.

When we missed the lift, what were our immediate thoughts?
When we were cut off on the road by another car, how did we feel?
When the gossip arrived in the locker room, what were our first thoughts?

If our thoughts become actions, this must be where we start.

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“Count Down” (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP 5: Single Dumbbell Box Step-ups

AMRAP 5: Calorie Row

AMRAP 4: Single Dumbbell AbMat SitUps

AMRAP 4: Calorie Row

AMRAP 3: Single Dumbbell Farmers Carry

AMRAP 3: Calorie Row

AMRAP 2: Single Dumbbell Glute Bridges

AMRAP 2: Calorie Row

AMRAP 1: Single Dumbbell Lateral Burpees

AMRAP 1: Calorie Row

Dumbbell: MRx: 30/15, Rx: 40/25, Rx+: 50/35

Box: 24/20
INTENTION: Get in a big sweaty workout on our active recovery day. There is no rest between AMRAP’s. Switch arms whenever you’d like on the box step-ups (alternate legs), the farmer’s carry.

SCORE: Enter reps completed at each station. Every 100ft. on the farmer’s carry is 1 rep. Your overall score will be the sum total.



– Reduce/Remove Weight

– Single Dumbbell Step Back Lunges


– Sub Any Other Machine


– Reduce Load

– No weight


– Reduce Load

– Single Dumbbell Floor Press (If Lacking In Space)


– Reduce Load

– NO Weight


– Regular Burpees

2601, 2022


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“Champions don’t blame the tools they’ve been given. Champions sharpen them.”

Abraham Lincoln once wrote that if he had six hours to cut down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening the axe.

It doesn’t matter where you started, or even where you’ve been. All that matters is two questions:
Where do you want to go, and…
How hard are you willing to work to get there.

We have what we need. Everyone does. The separation comes down to who is willing to do the work.

Never whine.
Never complain.
Never make excuses.

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[All Percentages Based Off 1RM Deadlift]

1 Set of 5 @ 50%

1 Set of 3 @ 60%

1 Set of 2 @ 70%

1 Set of 1 @ 75%

1 Set of 1 @ 80%

1 Set of Max Reps @ 85%

Rest 1-3 Minutes Between Sets.

FLOW: Complete 1 set of 5, 1 set of 3, 1 set of 2, and 2 sets of 1 unbroken deadlifts. For the final set, complete a max set of unbroken deadlifts.

SCORE: Enter reps completed for the max set.

PR UPDATE: If you complete 6-7 reps for your max set, increase your deadlift PR by 5# or 2.2kg. If you complete 8+ reps for your max set, increase your deadlift PR by 10# or 4.5kg.


2-3 warmup sets to 50%



– From Blocks

– Double Dumbbell

“Sager’s Wager” (Time)


5 Rounds For Time:

60 Double Unders

15 Overhead Squats

3 Rope Climbs

MRx: 75/45, Rx: 95/65, Rx+: 115/85

DOUBLE UNDERS: Less than 1:00.

OVERHEAD SQUATS: Less than 1:30.

ROPES: Less than 1:30.


– Smooth pace on the double unders. Breathe and relax the shoulders.

– 1-2 sets on the overhead squats. Squat low and stand fully.

– Strong foot clamps and minimal pulls to get up the rope each rep.


10 Double Unders

5 Overhead Squats

1 Rope Climb



– Reduce Reps

– 1:00 Cap

– 60 Line Hops

– 75 Single Unders

– 1:00 On Any Machine


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Load

– Front Squats

– Single Dumbbell


– Reduce Height

– Reduce Reps

– 3 Strict Pull-Ups + 3 Strict Knees To Chest = 1 Rope

– 3 Renegade Rows = 1 Rope

2501, 2022


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

How does an echo start?

With a tiny sound. One that might not even be noticeable. But shortly thereafter, that soft sound brings a soft echo. Still, maybe nothing to turn heads. Yet, the echo then builds… doubling, tripling, several times over. Before we know it, it’s impossible to ignore.

It’s called the “changing of the echos”, and it starts with a single tiny noise.

The misnomer is that a big life shift requires the “loudness” to turn heads at the start. Not true. What is important here isn’t the decibel, or the magnitude… but the intention.

Disciplined intention is everything. And we just need to start it.

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“Disgrace” (Time)

3 Rounds For Time:

10 Squat Cleans

10 Push Jerks

MRx: 95/55, 115/75, 135/95

SQUAT CLEANS: Aiming for small sets or singles. Less than 1:00 per round.

PUSH JERKS: Aiming for unbroken sets but definitely no more than 1 break in any round. Less than 1:00 per round.

SCORE: Time.

– Break up the squat cleans in a way that will allow for unbroken sets of push jerks.

– This workout is all about the third round of squat cleans. Be smart with pacing and your break up strategy leading up to that point.

– The push jerks will get challenging on the legs so pause in the front rack or overhead if needed to let the legs come back a bit versus dropping the bar.


3 Squat Cleans

3 Push Jerks



– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells

“Strict JT” (Time)


Strict Handstand Push-ups

Strict Ring Dips


Time Cap: 12:00
INTENTION: Checking up on our upper body push capacity. This workout has direct interference between the movements and will likely be challenging for many athletes to finish under the time cap (especially after the previous pieces). Let’s see what we’ve got even with some fatigue.

SCORE: Total Time.


2 reps of each movement.



– Reduce Reps

– Use Riser

– Double Dumbbell Strict Presses


– Reduce Reps

– Banded Reps

– Box, Bench, Or Bar Dips


– Reduce Reps

– Elevate Hands


Not For Time:

30 Toes to Bar (Knee Ups)

300 Meter Ski Erg

40 GHD Sit-ups (M&M’s)

400 Meter Ski Erg

50 AbMat Sit-ups

500 Meter Ski Erg

INTENTION: Work the midline and the lungs.

SCORE: Mark Completed

2401, 2022


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“I was complaining I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.” – Confucius

A short story to share.
A man walked into a shop to order some flowers to be sent as a gift to his mother, living 200 miles away.

As he got out of his car he noticed a young girl sitting on the curb sobbing. He asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother. But I only have seventy-five cents, and a rose costs two dollars.” The man smiled and said, “Come on in with me. I’ll buy you a rose.” He bought the little girl her rose and ordered his own mother’s flowers.

As they were leaving he offered the girl a ride home. She said, “Yes, please! You can take me to my mother!” She directed him to a cemetery, where she placed the rose on a freshly dug grave.

The man returned to the flower shop, cancelled the gifting order, picked up a bouquet and drove the two hundred miles to his mother’s house.

At times, we can take many such relationships with our family and friends for granted.

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Back Squat


[All Percentages Based Off 1RM Back Squat]

4 Sets of 5 @ 70%

1 Set of 5+ @ 70%

Rest 1-3 Minutes Between All Sets.

FLOW: Complete 4 sets of 5 unbroken back squats from a rack. For the final set, complete 5 or more unbroken back squats. This is essentially a “near max set.” Leave 2-3 reps in the tank.

STANDARDS: Hips travel below the knees in the bottom of the squat. Hips open fully at the top of each rep. All reps taken from a rack.

SCORE: Enter reps completed for the set of 5+.

2-3 warmup sets to 70%


– Box Squat

– Reduce Percentage

“Voicemail” (AMRAP – Reps)

On the Minute x 10 Rounds:

6 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

6 Box Jump Overs (24″/20″)

Max Dumbbell Snatches

MRx: Box Step Overs

DB-MRx: 30/15, Rx: 40/25, Rx+: 50/35

CHEST TO BAR: Unbroken sets. Less than 20s.

BOX JUMP OVERS: Less than 20s.

DUMBBELL SNATCHES: These are alternating single dumbbell power snatches. Goal is get 6+ snatches per minute.

SCORE: Total snatch reps.

– Hold on for unbroken sets of pull-ups. This may mean modifying the reps for some athletes.

– Steady pace on the box jump overs.

– Steady pace on the snatches. We need to breathe here so it is okay to switch hands on the ground. If switching in the air, be sure to take a good breath at the top of each rep.

– Focus on fast transitions.

– Stop about 5 seconds early each round to catch the breath and get ready for the next round.


4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

4 Box Jump Overs

4 Dumbbell Snatches



– Reduce Reps

– Banded

– Strict

– Regular Pull-Ups

– Alternating Double Dumbbell Plank Rows


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Box Height

– Broad Jumps


– Reduce Loading

– American Kettlebell Swings

– Light Barbell Snatches

2201, 2022


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

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“The Villainous 45 lb bar upper body workout” (2 Rounds for reps)

Perform in order:

1) bench press 200+/100+ goals – no racking, but can rest briefly.

2) bent over row 60+/35+ – brace forehead on rig or wall; bring to upper & lower abs

3) standing overhead press – strict; 50+

4) upright row – thumbs touching, 50+

5) triceps extension – standing or lying, 50+

6) biceps curl – no bouncing, 50+

2101, 2022


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“Live life on purpose” – Simon Sinek

As simple as this sounds, every action we take in our lives should have a clear and defined purpose.

As an analogy, let’s use money. When we spend money, there’s a reason. Food for tonight’s dinner, a new pair of shoes, gasoline. It’s very easy to justify. We would never throw our money into the wind. Yet… we can often find ourselves doing so with our time.

Unlike money, which can cycle back around on the next paycheck, we don’t get restocked on time. Be it a morbid thought, we know our days here are limited… time is our most precious, irreplaceable resource.

As we move through our day, take an objective look at the actions we take. Like a CFO analyzing a day of business, reflect tonight on where we spent our time. Because at “years-end-summary”, when our time comes… let’s be proud about how we chose to spend those resources. We only get one chance to do so.

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Squat Snatch (Primer + Squat Snatch)



5 Sets of 3:

Snatch High Pulls


All Percentages Off 1RM Snatch:

3 Reps @ 40%

3 Reps @ 50%

3 Reps @ 60%

3 Reps @ 75%

2 Reps @ 80%

1 Rep @ 85%

Rest 1-3 Minutes Between All Sets.

INTENTION: Getting some technique work in and lots of touches on the squat snatch. Reps can be completed as touch and go reps or singles at each percentage. If you miss 3 snatches at any percentage, stop there.

PR’S: Make sure your PR’s are up to date so that the percentages are correct.

SCORE: Enter weights for the squat snatches only.


2-3 warmup sets to 40%



– Reduce Percentages

– 1 Power Snatch + 1 Overhead Squat

– Power Snatch

– Single Dumbbell (2x Reps)

“The Joker” (Time)


For Time:

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Toes to Bar

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlifts

MRx: V-Ups

MRx 185/115, Rx: 225/155
CONDITIONING CATEGORY: Grind. This is also a benchmark workout last completed on 5.24.19.

TOES TO BAR: No more than 3 sets on the later rounds.

DEADLIFTS: No more than 2 sets on any round.

FLOW: Each round, the toes to bar reps will increase by 1 while the deadlifts reps will decrease by 1.

SCORE: Total Time.


– Grind out the deads and see how long you can hold onto unbroken sets of toes to bar.

– This workout gets grippy on the back end. If it’s going to be faster for you to break up the toes to bar into small sets or even singles in the last couple rounds, go for it.

– Focus on speedy transitions.


2 Rounds:

2 Toes To Bar

2 Deadlifts



– Toes To As High As Possible

– Knees To Chest

– V-Ups

– 2x AbMat Sit-Ups


– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells

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