2109, 2021


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“75% Emotional, 25% Physical”

It’s said that the hardest part about anything is starting. And that once we just take that first step, the successive action seems to just fall into place. And there’s absolutely merit to that… an object in motion tends to stay in motion (Newton).

But beyond the surface we want to recognize the truth about us as human beings… that we are emotional creatures. And that our ultimate success is less dependent on the physical actions we take, and more on the emotional backings behind them.

We can conceptualize “successful action” in this way: 25% of it is the physical side. The actual hands in the dirt, grunt work. This stuff matters, of course. But these specific and granular “whats” only account to a quarter of the recipe.

75% of it is the emotional side. The story that plays between our ears as we’re underway. We’re going to hit bumps in the road, and how we internalize obstacles determines our path forward more than anything else. How do we respond when it’s a “bad day?”, and we’re missing every single snatch attempt?

When we think about it that way, successful action isn’t just about what we’re doing, and far more about how we’re doing it. Despite the battle being in our hands, it’s won in our mind.

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Bench Press

1. Build to Heavy Single

2. 5×3 @ 80% of 1RM Bench

Movement Prep

1-2 warm-up sets of 3-6 reps with light weights.


– We’ll begin by building to a heavy single for the day. We’ll then complete some drop sets.

– We are looking for full range of motion here. Elbows fully lock out at the top (think 1s pause in the lockout) and barbell touches the sternum (chest) at the bottom of each rep. Performing the full range of motion will promote the most strength gains.

– Score: Enter your heaviest successful bench for part 1 and the weight you used for your sets in part 2.



– Double Dumbbell Bench Press

– Barbell Floor Press (Same Percentages With 2s Negative Each Rep)

– Seated Strict Press

Bench Press

Bench Press


Double Stuffed (Time)

“Double Stuffed”

4 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Row

80 Double Unders

12 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans MRx: 30/20, Rx: 50 / 35 lb’s

Movement Prep

200m Row

20 Double Unders

2 Dumbbell Deadlifts

2 Dumbbell Power Cleans

2 Dumbbell Front Squats

2 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans



– 400m Ski

– 800m Bike

– 300m Run

– 20 x 10m Shuttle Runs


– 120 Single Unders

– 80 Line Hops

– 1:30 On Any Machine


– Double Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

– Barbell Hang Squat Cleans

– Alternating Single Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Each round should take between 3:00-4:30 minutes.

– The row should take under 2:00.

– The double unders should take under 1:30.

– The double dumbbell hang squat cleans should be completed in 1-2 sets and take less than 1:00.

– Score: Time


– This whole workout is centered around the hang squat cleans. We want to make it our mission to complete all 12 reps unbroken each round.

– If you know you can hold on for unbroken sets on the dumbbells, the next station to push would be the row. Ask yourself, “how fast can I row while still being able to hold on for unbroken sets on the dumbbells?”

– Try to relax the grip and breathe through the double unders. 1 quick break at halfway wouldn’t be a bad idea if needed.

– The hardest part of this workout is likely going to be the 3rd round of hang squat cleans. This will be where you’ll want to break most. Hold on tight and stay focused on the goal. The last round will be there!

2009, 2021


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“Bread today is better than cake tomorrow” – Chinese Proverb

There is a common misconception about drive. That if we pause to celebrate today, that we will lose our fire for tomorrow. We’ll lose our competitive edge. And we’ll be satisfied with where we are.

Something we want to recognize: Gratitude is not linked to a lack of drive. Or a lack of performance. It’s actually quite the opposite.

There’s a hormone in our brain called dopamine. It’s the “feel good” hormone. And it’s released whenever we hit that big lift, PR that workout, or just do something well. Call it the celebration hormone.

When athletes go wrong here, it’s because they fail to see something:
That dopamine is incredibly, incredibly addicting.

Think back to when you were first starting CrossFit, and let’s say you were in class. You’re thinking and working hard on your technique, and coach walks by and catches you with marked improvement to your form. He/She says – “Hey.. freakin’ nice job there. That’s an incredible improvement!”.

How would you feel? Think about it for a moment. I think we would have felt proud, accomplished, and… eager for the *next one*. The next praise. Because that felt good. And I want that next one. So I’m going to bust my ass even *harder now* to get my technique even better.

Now purely for thought – take the opposite. Pretend you never got that praise, ever. It’s only “not good enough” at all times. Fast forward 2 years. Which athlete is thriving?

Dopamine is a weapon. An absolute weapon. We just need to use it properly. Celebrate today, if for no other reason, than because it will make us even hungrier for tomorrow.

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Front Squat

Front Squats to Box/Ball:


-Make sure the ball/Box you use allows full depth

-Change weights at your discretion

-Thoroughly warm up and try to start at a heavier weight to limit your weight jumps


Tippy Toes (Time)

“Tippy Toes”

10 Rounds For Time:

10 Toes to Bar

10 Burpees

100 Meter Run

Movement Prep

5 Toes to Bar

5 Burpees

50 Meter Run



– Reduce Reps

– Knees To Chest

– 15 Sit-Ups


– 10 Calorie Bike

– Half Burpees

– Reduce Reps


– Reduce Distance

– 100m Ski

– 250m Bike

– 125m Row

– 10 x 10m Shuttle Runs

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Each round should take between 1:30-2:00 minutes.

– The toes to bar should be completed in 1-2 sets each round. This station should take less than 1:00.

– The burpees should take less than 1:00.

– The run should take less than :45s.

– Score: Time


– Our main goal here is to hold on for big sets on the toes to bar.

– Pace the burpees and the run in a way that will allow you to go big on the toes to bar.

1809, 2021


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

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“The Skipper” (Time)

In teams of 2:

1958m Bike

Then 10 rds:

#1 Skipper

– 5 push ups

– 10 bench press Rx: 95/65, Rx+: 115/80

– 7 rollouts

– 10 two handed OH tri ext Rx: 45/25, Rx+: 60/30

– 5 push ups

#2 lil’ buddy

– sit n’stand (3 sec pause) Rx: 10″ box or wall ball

finish with

2021m Bike
– done solo = Rx+ (only with coach ‘s approval)

– partners alternate rds with 1 partner doing squats while the other finishes their rd.

0 keep a running total of the squats – that score is entered into the comment box

1709, 2021


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut” – Dr. Suess

This quote is worth reading twice.
We are creatures of habit. We enjoy our routines. From the morning rituals, to the way we warm up for a workout, to our regimented diets and food plans.

Although dialing in the routine is a great thing, it’s important that we remind ourselves to “keep our eyes open.” What Dr. Suess’s quote alludes to is an open mind. Even when we feel we’ve found exactly what works for us, we must resist the urge to close our eyes and ears to new ideas.

There is so much to learn, experience, and challenge ourselves with. That is, if we only keep our eyes open to do so.

Always a student.

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Strict Pull-Up

Strict Pull-ups


5-9 Unbroken: 4-3-3-3-2

10-14 Unbroken: 9-8-7-7-6

15-19 Unbroken: 12-10-8-8-6

20-24 Unbroken: 18-15-12-10-6

25+ Unbroken: 20-16-12-12-8



– Banded Strict Pull-Up

Movement Prep

5-10 Scap Retractions

1-2 Strict Pull-Ups


– We will be using our max reps score from week 1 to determine our work to do here. Complete these reps the same way you did that first week if you modified.

– Take note of the amount of time needed between sets in order to see progress as we move forward with this progression.

– We are shooting to make these unbroken sets each time, but it’s okay if they are not.

– Rest as needed between all sets.


The Flip Side (Time)

“The Flip Side”

3 Rounds:

21 Kipping Handstand Push-Ups

12 Power Cleans MRx: 65/45, Rx: 95 / 65 lb

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

21 Bar-Facing Burpees

12 Power Snatches MRx: 65/45, Rx: 95 / 65 lb

Time Cap: 22 Minutes



– Reduce Reps

– 1-2 AbMats

– Hand Release Push-Ups


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Weight

– Single Dumbbell

– Double Dumbbell


– Regular Burpees

– Burpees Over Dumbbell(s)

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Let’s make it our goal to complete couplet #1 in ~6:00-9:00 and couplet #2 in ~9:00-12:00. That means each round in the first couplet should take 3:00 or less and each round in the second couplet should take 4:00 or less.

– The kipping hanstand push-ups in couplet #1 should take less than 2:00 each round. Reduce the reps or modify the movement if needed.

– The power snatches/cleans should take less than 1:00 in both couplets. The weight should be light and completed in no more than 2 sets on any round.

– The bar facing burpees in couplet #2 should take less than 2:00. Reduce the reps if needed.

– Score: Time. If you get time capped, add 1s to your time for every missed rep.


– Aim to complete the handstand push-ups in 5 sets or less. This could be 6-5-4-3-3, 6-5-5-5, 7-7-7, 12-9, or 21 straight. We want to pick the strategy that has us resting the least about of time between sets.

– Aim to complete the snatches/cleans in 1-2 sets. 1 break here may be smart in order to save the shoulders a bit for the handstand push-ups.

– When we get to the 2nd couplet, we want to push the burpees a bit. It is going to be easy to lose a lot of time here.

– We can plan to catch our breath on the power snatches/cleans by slowing our cycle time down a bit here. We still want to aim for 1-2 sets here.

1609, 2021


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.” – David Oglivy

One of the most dangerous things we can do in life is to dream too small.
When we dig to the root of what causes this, we find that it’s fear.

We can convince ourselves that it’s too big of a goal. That it’s out of reach. That in and of itself, is the death of the dream. A self-fulfilling prophecy from that point forward, as we can’t accomplish what we can’t believe.

So it starts with that: belief. Belief that we can learn the skills, build the capacity, and hone the craft. Having the dream is only a part of the equation, and it will only come second to having the belief. The belief that you deserve to step up to the plate, and put the ball over the fences.

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Bike: Trainer (Calories)


2 Minute Ramp Up From Easy To Moderate Pace


2 Minutes at Fast Pace

1 Minutes at Faster Pace

2 Minutes Easy Recovery Spin

1 Minutes at Faster Pace

2 Minutes at Fast Pace

1 Minutes Easy Recovery Spin


3 Sets:

3 Minutes at Moderate Pace

1 Minutes at Easy Pace


2 Minutes at Easy Pace

– we will score the workout in calories.

– The goal of the primer is to get the legs prepared for the main sets. We can also get a feel for what pace we are looking to hold for the main sets.

– In the main sets, we will aim to complete the same number of calories during our 3 minute moderate windows.

– Score: Record calories accumulated within each 3:00 window of the main set.

“Devil’s Candy” (Time)

For Time:


Weighted Glute Bridges 95/85

Devil’s Press 40 / 25 lb’s


1509, 2021


CrossFit Evergreen – CrossFit

“There is a reason between listening, and waiting for your turn to speak.” – Simon Sinek
Listening is a skill.
To not “hear” the words of another, but to truly be in the moment. To listen sincerely.

Most listen with the intent to reply. That is, as the other is speaking, they’re already formulating what to say next. In these moments, they are no longer listening. We’ve shifted towards “hearing”.

In conversations today, pay close attention to our thoughts as the other is speaking.

The intention is this:
Listen with the intent to understand.
Not to reply.

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A) Dead Stop Deadlifts

5 Sets of 4 @ 63%

B) Touch-and-Go Deadlifts

5 Sets of 4 @ 68%



– Double Dumbell Deadlifts

– Double Kettlebell Deadlifts

Movement Prep

10 Empty Barbell Reps

4 Dead Stop Reps At A Light Weight

2 Dead Stop Reps At 1 Jump Away From First Working Weight


– Deadlifts are a movement you’ll see each week as we move through our Base phase.

– Percentages are based off your 1RM deadlift.

– The first 5 sets of 4 deadlifts are “dead stop deadlifts.” This means that we’ll deadlift the bar, control the bar back down to the floor, and then reset once the bar is back on the floor. The bar should not bounce at all here and should not be dropped from the top.

– The second 5 sets of 4 are “touch-and-go deadlifts.” This means that we’ll perform deadlifts as we would in a workout. The elbows should stay locked out throughout the entirety of each set and while we want to hold on for max reps, we do not need to do these as fast as possible. Controlled, picture perfect reps is what we’re after.


Hanging By A Moment (Time)

“Hanging By A Moment”

5 Rounds For Time:

60 Double Unders

9 Hang Power Cleans Mrx:95/65, Rx:135/95, Rx+:155 / 105 lb

1-2-3-4-5 Rope Climbs MRx: Strict Pull-ups

Rest 1 Minute After Each Round



– 1.5x Single Unders

– Line Hops


– Double Dumbbell

– Single Dumbbell

– Russian Kettlebell Swings


– 2 Strict Pull-Ups + 2 Toes To Bar = 1 Rope

– 5 Ring Rows = 1 Rope

– Reduce Height

Movement Prep

15 Double Unders

5 Hang Power Cleans

1 Rope Climb

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– In this grip and shoulder burner we’ll work through 5 intervals of double unders, hang power cleans, and an ascending ladder of rope climbs. We’ll rest 1 minute between round to catch our breath and shake out the arms.

– The double unders should take less than 1:30.

– The hang power cleans should take under 1:00. The weight should be on the moderate side but we should be able to complete the reps unbroken each round.

– The rope climbs should take less than :30s each.

– It will be the athlete’s job to note down the time on the clock at the completion of each round and start their next round exactly 1 minute from then.

– Score: Total time including rest. Make note of how long each round took in your notes if you’d like to have it.


– Try to stay as relaxed as possible on the jump rope. Keep the shoulders down and the grip loose.

– Use the hook grip on the hang power cleans to ensure that you do not lose the barbell due to grip fatigue. Bumping the bar off the quads is the quickest way to get through them. If you are not confident in cycling the bar using the “”bump clean,”” a traditional hang clean works well here too.

– Be patient on the rope climbs with your foot clamps. We want to give ourselves a solid foot lock so that we do not use the arms more than we need to. See if you can make it up the rope in 3 pulls or less.

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