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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“A hero is one that knows how to hang on for one, minute, longer.” - Norweigan proverb Often the difference between those [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single minute before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank Written by [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"It's not the stress that kills us. It's our reaction to it." Hans Selye There is no such thing as good or [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"Greed is not a financial issue. It is a heart issue." Andy Stanley When children stick their hand down a cookie jar [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"I would rather die on my feet, than lie on my knees."Emiliana Zipada What if we never reach the finish line? What [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFitRecently Rogue held a Pump-N-Row challenge, it's over now but we will do our own today using their standards. The finer details [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"The highest compliment you can pay me is that I work hard every day... that I never dog it." Wayne Gretzky The [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“Character is the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life. It’s the source from which self-respect springs.” - Joan Didion “Owning [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit"People don't fear change. People fear sudden change. People fear revolutions. People don't fear evolutions." Simon Sinek When we sit on this [...]

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CrossFit Evergreen - CrossFit“It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt The term “wishful thinking” is a bit [...]

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