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“Problems are simply opportunities in work clothes.”

In Chinese, “crisis” is written with two symbols. In english these two translate to “danger’ and “opportunity”. These two words summarize our emotional connection to adversity very well.

Problems feel “dangerous” because we’d rather be comfortable, cozy and safe. It’s a human condition; we don’t like change. But problems are also full of “opportunity”, as the uncomfortable hot mess of adversity is the greatest catalyst to our growth.

Our greatest opportunities in life will also be our most trying. If we can reframe those “problems” to being the enablers of growth; we can go wherever we want to go. We just need to suit up and get to work.

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See Coach’s board.

Clean & Jerk Technique 1 (On the 2:00 x 5 sets)

– 1 pausing power clean

– 1 power clean

– 1 pausing push jerk

– 1 push jerk

Pause 3 seconds in the catch position of both the clean and jerk.
– % are meant to be on the lighter side to ensure good quality movement.

– pauses in the catch are meant to help focus on our receiving the bar with the knees out and the hips back.

– set 1: 30% 1RM C&J

– set 2: 35%

– sets 3, 4, 5: 40%

Wiped Clean (Time)

5 rds on the 4:00

– 30 air squats

– 20/15 calorie row

– 7 C&J

MRx: 75/ 45, Rx: 95/65, Rx+: 115/85
Conditioning category: Sprint

– weight on the bar is something we can cycle easily for 15+ unbroken reps when fresh

– goal is to have the rds take between 2:30 – 3:00, giving us at least 1:00 to rest before the next round

– keep track and total up the time it takes for all 5 rds. this will be your final score. Ex. 5 rds at 3:00 each is a 15:00 min. score.


– try to keep your air squats smooth and steady

– try to keep your strokes per minute on the erg under 32.