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Ethan Suplee Special (Time)

4 sets for time:

(Superset each combination)

– 12 reps db flye to

– 10 reps db bench press to

– 10 reps db reverse grip bench press

– 25 V-ups

– 12 reps db “cable scoop” to

– 10 reps double db OH tri extension to

– 10 double db skull crushers

– 50 flutter kicks

– 12 db pullover to

– 12 db french press

Pick your own weights based on the movements and your current ability. We can record the weight in the comments if you so desire.
Ethan Supplee is an actor who played roles in many films including the overweight player in “Remember the Titans”. Ethan weighed well over 530 lbs in these films. He decided to get healthy and at the time of the video weighed 260 fit lbs. He lost his weight by going into calorie deficit and lifting heavy weights (relative term).