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Move over Shaky Jake, there’s a NEW KID ON THE BLOCK (Time)

1 person works, 1 person does alternate work

In teams of two or more, do the following in a 35 minute time cap Partner ab work out:

Both partners must be moving to count the reps.

100 floor wipers (50/50) Alt work: elbows 2 hands plank

100 V ups (50/50) Alt work: hanging knee raises

100 high Ru twists with wall ball 20/14 (50/50) Alt work: kneeling wood chops Rx: 25/15 Rx+: 35/30

100 floor knee-ins (50/50) Alt work: floor M&M’s with wall ball 20/14

100 suitcase abs (50/50) Alt work: wall sit w/ wall ball & hands behind head, back 2 wall 20/14

100 flutter kicks EACH! Alt work: hanging “low” flutter kicks