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“Your mind is not your shoe size.” – Jim Kwik

Have you ever taken an “IQ Test”?

Chances are you have of some sort. A test that claimed to tell us our capacity in life. Where the resulting score is the equivalent of looking into a crystal ball on how successful we’ll be.

As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s a nightmare that comes to life for many. A self-fulfilling prophecy that can cut potential at the knees.

The truth of it all however, is that we know so very little about how the mind *actually* works. It’s still such a mystery to us. Yet, we can find ourselves building an imaginary ceiling over our heads.

In regards to one of life’s greatest mysteries, there’s one thing we can bank on… that our mind is not our shoe size.

Overhead Squat (Overhead Squat

On the 2:00 x 5 Sets:
1 Overhead Squat

*Use The Same Weight Across

– The barbell should come from a rack.

– If you do not feel comfortable re-racking the bar in the bar rack, drop it from the top after the last rep each set.

– Athletes should aim to complete all sets at 90-100% of their 1RM overhead squat or at a weight that is slightly heavier than last week’s 5×2.

– If you complete all 5 sets and want to build and see if a PR is there, add 4-6 minutes to the clock and build from there.

– Score: Loading Used Across


With A Light Weight…

5 Overhead Squats

With A Moderate Weight…

3 Overhead Squats

Build to working weight in 3-5 weight jumps.


– Front Squats

– Back Squats

– Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats

The Dark Side (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“The Dark Side”


Buy-In: 1,000/900 Meter Row

Directly Into…


Dumbbell Power Snatches MRx: 30/20, Rx: 40/25, Rx+: 50/35

Overhead Squats MRx: 55/35, Rx: 65/45, Rx+: 75/55

– Overview: In this 10 minute AMRAP, athlete will begin with a 1000/900m row. After the row is complete they will spend the remaining time alternating between dumbbell snatches and overhead squats. The main goal here will be to complete big sets of overhead squats.

– Row: Should be completed in 4:30 or less.

– Dumbbell Snatch: Athletes should use a single dumbbell and alternate arms every rep. 10 reps should take 30s or less to complete.

– Overhead Squats: The loading of the barbell should not exceed 55% of your 1RM overhead squat. Athletes should be able to complete sets of 10 or more at this weight throughout the workout.

– Score: Rounds + reps (the row does not count toward your score).
– It is not worth it to push the row too much at the start of this workout. We should still row at a solid pace but we need to save our energy for the scored portion of the workout that follows. Row at a pace that is at or slightly slower than your 2k time trial pace.

– Let’s try to push for bigger sets of overhead squats. Our goal here should be to complete sets of 10 or more.

– Pace the snatches based on how the overhead squats are feeling. If needed take more breaks here than on the overhead squats.


1,000/900 METER ROW

– Reduce Distance

– 4:30 Time Cap

– 800/700m Ski

– 2,000/1,800m Bike

– 800m Run

– 600m Air Run


– Reduce Loading

– Reduce Reps

– Dumbbell Hang Power Snatches

– Kettlebell Swings

– Empty Barbell Hang Power Snatches


– Reduce Loading

– Reduce Reps

– Sub Single Dumbbell

– Front Squats

– 2x Air Squats