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“75% Emotional, 25% Physical”

It’s said that the hardest part about anything is starting. And that once we just take that first step, the successive action seems to just fall into place. And there’s absolutely merit to that… an object in motion tends to stay in motion (Newton).

But beyond the surface we want to recognize the truth about us as human beings… that we are emotional creatures. And that our ultimate success is less dependent on the physical actions we take, and more on the emotional backings behind them.

We can conceptualize “successful action” in this way: 25% of it is the physical side. The actual hands in the dirt, grunt work. This stuff matters, of course. But these specific and granular “whats” only account to a quarter of the recipe.

75% of it is the emotional side. The story that plays between our ears as we’re underway. We’re going to hit bumps in the road, and how we internalize obstacles determines our path forward more than anything else. How do we respond when it’s a “bad day?”, and we’re missing every single snatch attempt?

When we think about it that way, successful action isn’t just about what we’re doing, and far more about how we’re doing it. Despite the battle being in our hands, it’s won in our mind.

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Squat Snatch (Weight)

Squat Snatch

5 Sets of 3 @ 70-75%
– Stay within the percentage range given.

– Snatches should be performed as singles and not touch and go reps.

– Athletes can rest up to 20 seconds between reps.

– Score: Enter heaviest set.


– 3-5 warmup reps to 70-75%

Kelly (Time)


5 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

30 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

30 Wallballs 20 / 14

This is a benchmark wod, no MRX.
– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Run: Perform in less than 2:15.

– Box Jumps: Stand all the way up on the box. Perform in less than 1:15.

– Wallballs: Perform in less than 1:30.

– Score: Total time.

– Run at a pace that allows you to excel on the indoor movements. Only put the foot on the gas pedal if you are confident you can get right to work on the box jumps that follow.

– Find a steady, consistent pace on the box jumps.

– Break the wallballs in a way that will allow you to rest for as little time between sets as possible. 5’s, 6’s, 8-8-7-7, 12-10-8, or 18-12 are some options for sets.

– Major goal in this workout is to stay in motion.


200m Run

4 Box Jumps

6 Wallballs



– Reduce Distance

– 500m Row

– 400m Ski

– 1000m Bike

– 300m Air Run


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Box Height

– Box Step-Ups

– Broad Jumps


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Loading

– Reduce Target Height

– Single Dumbbell Goblet Thrusters