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“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence of the future” – Seneca

How often do we rush to the finish line… only to rush to find the next?

It is in our nature to crave progress. It is also in our nature to be wary of complacency. This is where a misconception can form, leading to dark times. We live for the “future”, a finish line that we’ll never reach.

The aim is absolutely not to ignore the future… but to instead embrace the present. Let’s move past the logic of the “pursuit of happiness”, and embrace the breath in our lungs at this moment. Wherever we go today, let’s go with everything we got.

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No Touch Dead Lift (5 Rounds for weight)

No Touch Deadlift

For Total Load:

5 Sets of 2
– Once the bar is lifted to the hips, the first rep begins. Lower the bar to 1 inch off the ground, then immediately come back up to a full stand. Repeat this for 2 reps total. The set is complete when you are back at the top after the 2nd rep.

– These are NOT RDL’s. The hips should still sink after the bar passes the knees.

– Athletes should aim to lift heavy weights across the 5 sets to maximize their scores.

– Score: Enter weights used for each set.

Barbell Warmup:

With An Empty Barbell:

10 No Touch Deadlifts

Loading Up:

– Aim to load up to somewhere between 80-90% of your 1RM deadlift before you begin your first working set.

Amrappers Delight (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“AMRAPPER’S Delight”


8 Toes to Bar

8 Deadlifts

8 Bar-Facing Burpees

MRx: 135/95, Rx: 155/105, Rx+: 165/115
– Conditioning Category: Grindy Threshold

– Toes To Bar: Completed in less than 30s.

– Deadlifts: Loading should not exceed 70% or your 1RM deadlift. Reps should be completed in less than 30s.

– Bar-Facing Burpees: Reps completed in less than 1:00.

– Score: Rounds+Reps

– Aim to complete each round in roughly the same amount of time. We’ll do a timed practice round to see roughly how long each round should take.

– Aim for 1-2 sets on the toes to bar and deadlifts.

– Pace the burpees in a way that will allow you to stick to your sets on the other 2 movements.

– Keep your transitions smooth and seamless.


8 Toes To Bar

8 Deadlifts

8 Bar-Facing Burpees



– Reduce Reps

– Toes To As High As Possible

– Knees To Chest

– V-Ups

– Sit-Ups


– Reduce Reps

– Reduce Loading

– Sub Dumbbells


– Reduce Reps

– Burpees To Target

– Regular Burpees

– Dumbbell Facing Burpees