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“Excitement comes from achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey.”

Winning the award is exciting.
Fulfillment is looking back at the hard work put in.

There’s irony when we think about defining moments. We build up in our minds that accomplishing that “thing” will be the ultimate. And when we get there, hell yeah will it be exciting. But the podium does not change who we are.

The real defining moments were the experiences that led up to those big achievements. The trials, the tribulations, the lessons learned… the early mornings and late nights. The deep and unforgettable relationships we build through the blood, sweat, and tears.

The dopamine hit comes when we win, hit the goal, or get the promotion.
The ever-lasting fulfillment comes from the journey.

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Clean and Jerk x 5 (5 Rounds for weight)

Clean & Jerk

5 Sets:

1 Clean & Jerk @ 75-85% 1RM
– Percentages based off 1RM Clean & Jerk.

– Rest as needed between sets.

– Score: Enter weights for each set.


Barbell Warmup:


2-3 x 40%

2-3 x 50%

2-3 x 60%

2-3 x 70%

Begin your 5 sets at your next weight jump.


– Sub Dumbbells

Habormaster (Time)


4 Rounds For Time:

20 Pull-ups

30 AbMat Sit-ups

300 Meter Run

50 Double Unders

Rest 2 Minutes Between Rounds.
– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– Pull-Ups: Strict or kipping. Reps should be completed in less than 1:30.

– Sit-Ups: Reps should be completed in less than 1:00.

– Run: Should be completed in less than 2:15.

– Double Unders: Should be completed in less than 1:15.

– Score: Total time including rest.

– Push for bigger sets of pull-ups today knowing that you won’t need your arms on the station that follows.

– Find a steady pace on the sit-ups.

– Run at a slightly more aggressive pace than usual here knowing that rest will be coming up shortly after.

– Aim for unbroken sets or 2 sets max on the double unders.


5 Pull-Ups

5 Sit-Ups

100m Run

10 Double Unders



– Reduce Reps

– Banded

– Ring Rows

– Alternating Plank Rows


– Reduce Reps


– 300m Ski

– 800m Bike

– 400m Row


– Reduce Reps

– 75 Single Unders

– :45s On A Machine