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Funky Stuff (Time)

With a 45 minute time cap do 3 rds of 20 reps each of the following :

– hanging straight leg raises

– zercher squats

– sledge hammer strikes

– landline box squat and press

– landmine 1-arm row

– American ksb swing with top rotation

– landmine 180degrees

– tire flip

– dragon flags

– battle ropes
Sledge hammer strikes: (works arms, shoulders, back and core)

– stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width, handsstart with one near the hammer and one on the bottom of handle

– lift hammer at least 45 degrees over shoulder

– with all your power swing hammer down to tire sliding upper hand down to lower hand

– alternate sides

Landmine squat and press (works shoulders and thighs)

– stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, bar at chest level, facing bar, one end of bar on floor

– squat down to the box, keep bar at chest level, lower body until elbows almost touch thighs

– explode up off heels, extending your arms up and forward

Landmine 1-arm row (works core and back)

– place left foot forward , ball of right foot about 30″ behind left foot

– hold bar with left hand just outside left knee

– move only at elbow, row the bar up to hip height and return to start

– switch arms and foot position

KB swing with top rotation (works shoulders and core)

– stand shoulder width apart

1 know with both palms facing body

– thrust hips forward and swing on overhead

– at top of movement rotate torso to the right with on still overhead

– return torso to center and let kb come down to starting position

– repeat on left side

– that’s one rep

Landmine 180 (works shoulders , core, builds explosive upper body strength )

– feet wider than width, grab end of bar, rest on left thigh

– keep arms straight, rotate bar 180 across body, pivoting on ball of left foot until bar rests on right thigh

– move bar back to start position

– keep movement continuous, knees soft and arms as straight as possible

Tire flip ( whole body)

– feet wider than than hip width lower into deep squat

– hands under tire, palms up, raise tire with straight arms by standing from squat

– drive through heels get a leg under tire and continue to flip

Zercher squat (works legs and abs)

– barbell in crook of elbows, hands together by chest

– squat keep w