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“The attacks of Septemper 11th were intended to break our spirit. Instead we have emerged stronger and more unified. We feel renewed devotion to the principles of political, economic and religious freedom, the rule of law and respect for human life. We are more determined than ever to live our lives in freedom.” Rudolph W. Giuliani, Dec. 31, 2001.

19 years ago, we underwent a tragic loss. 19 years ago, we became stronger than ever before.

We recognize that adversity breeds strength. And through adverse times, we can find good, if we only look for it. This is an incredibly hard thought process to apply here, with good reason.
It’s highly personal.
It feels borderline wrong.
It’s painful even to consider.

But one thing rings true. If the lives lost that day could speak to us now, there would be something very specific they would call for. It would be, be exactly that.

To cherish what we have. Not just by saying “thanks”, or even “I love you.” By going the extra mile. By helping the ailing friend in need – or better – the stranger in need. To genuinely care for the human being to the left and right of you, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and religion. Although a seemingly small act in and of itself, this is indeed movement towards preventing such a monstrous act from ever happening again. It is playing our part.

We’ll never forget the pain we felt that day. But, what is more important than remembering the pain, is what we do going forward.

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”

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-2 minutes easy on any erg machine then …

– 1:00 minute Samson stretch

– 1:00 minute barbell forearm smash

– 1:00 minute banded triceps stretch

Activation: 2 rds

– 10 pass throughs

– 10 hanging straight leg lifts

– 10 alternating Cossack squats

Movement Prep: 2 rds

– 5 push-ups

– 5 box/bench dips

– light (barbell) Bear Complex

Always Remembered Partner WOD (Time)

In teams of 2:

– 2001m row Buy-IN

4 rounds:

– 9 rope climbs

– 11 Bear Complexes (95/65)

– 2977m row Cash-Out

Today’s workout honors those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11th, 2001.

Each number has it’s own meaning:

– **2001m row ** The Year.

– **4 rds** The number of planes

– **9 rope climbs ** The Day

– **11 Bear Complexes** The Day

– **2977 m row** Number of live’s lost

– The WOD begins and ends with a row.

– Once the row is complete, work through 4 rds of the barbell and gymnastics movements.

– To preserve the meaningful numbers of this WOD, let’s try to adjust the weights and variations instead of the rep schemes.

– For example in place of 9 rope climbs do 9 C2B pull-ups.

– The intended time range for this workout is between 20-30 minutes.

– Only one partner works at a time, split the total volume in half, complete a station before moving on to the next.

Rope climbs:

– These should be able to be completed in 4-5 minutes (2 per minute).

– If not doing rope climbs choose an alternative that allows for 9 unbroken reps.

Bear Complex:

– Starts from the ground, pass through a power clean into a front squat, to a push press, to a back squat, and then a back rack push press.

– These movements can be combined to become a squat clean thruster into a back rack thruster.

– Use a moderate load that will be completed as steady singles within the workout.

– If we had to put a time to it, each set of 11 should be completed in about 3 minutes or less.


– Use a steady pace on buy-in that allows you to get to the barbell fairly fresh.

– The Bear Complex will get your heart rate and legs firing. When doing this as a partner WOD, alternate movements to account for intensity in the movements.

Never Forget Individual WOD (Time)

– Buy-in: 2001m row

directly into

4 rds:

– 9 clusters (135/95)

– 11 strict pull-ups
If you prefer to do an individual workout do this version instead of the partner WOD.


2001m & 2977m row:

– equal distances on any other erg

Rope Climbs:

– reduce reps

– do rope pull-ups

– 30 strict pull-ups

Bear Complex:

– double or single (each arm) db clusters