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“Your mind is not your shoe size.” – Jim Kwik

Have you ever taken an “IQ Test”?

Chances are you have of some sort. A test that claimed to tell us our capacity in life. Where the resulting score is the equivalent of looking into a crystal ball on how successful we’ll be.

As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s a nightmare that comes to life for many. A self-fulfilling prophecy that can cut potential at the knees.

The truth of it all however, is that we know so very little about how the mind *actually* works. It’s still such a mystery to us. Yet, we can find ourselves building an imaginary ceiling over our heads.

In regards to one of life’s greatest mysteries, there’s one thing we can bank on… that our mind is not our shoe size.

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A) Dead Stop Deadlifts

2 Sets Of 2 @ 80%

B) Touch-and-Go Deadlifts

2 Sets Of Max Reps @ 85%



– Double Dumbell Deadlifts

– Double Kettlebell Deadlifts

Movement Prep

10 Empty Barbell Reps

2 Dead Stop Reps At A Light Weight

2 Dead Stop Reps At 1 Jump Away From First Working Weight


– Deadlifts are a movement you’ll see each week as we move through our Base phase.

– Percentages are based off your 1RM deadlift.

– The first 2 sets of 2 deadlifts are “dead stop deadlifts.” This means that we’ll deadlift the bar, control the bar back down to the floor, and then reset once the bar is back on the floor. The bar should not bounce at all here and should not be dropped from the top.

– The second 2 sets of 2 are “touch-and-go deadlifts.” This means that we’ll perform deadlifts as we would in a workout. The elbows should stay locked out throughout the entirety of each set and while we want to hold on for unbroken sets of 2 reps, we do not need to do these as fast as possible. Controlled, picture perfect reps is what we’re after.


Shiner (Time)


On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

15/12 Calorie Assault Bike

12 Double Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans MRx:30/20, Rx:50 / 35 lb’s

9 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)



– 20/15 Cal Row

– 15/12 Cal Ski Erg

– 200m Run


– Sub Barbell

– Kettlebell Swings


– Bar Facing Burpee

– Burpee Broad Jump

– Burpee to Target (6 in.)

Movement Prep

5 Calorie Assault Bike

4 Double Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans

3 Burpee Box Jumps

– Conditioning Category: Sprint

– We want to try and aim for negative splits across the 5 rounds.

– We should use a weight that we can complete the hang power cleans unbroken each round.

– Be sure to stand tall before hinging forward for the first hang power clean each round.

– The bike should take about 1:00.

– The hang cleans should take about 30 seconds.

– The burpee box jumps should take about 1:00 on the burpeee box jumps.

– We will enter our time for each round.

– Score: Slowest Round


– Find a speed on the bike that is a touch outside your comfort zone. We don’t want to all out sprint here but we also don’t want to just cruise.

– We want to hold on for all dumbbell reps each round. To help keep a solid grip, athletes can use the hook grip or hold the dumbbells more toward the front head or back head of each bell so that they rest on the hand a bit.

– We want to find a speed that is a touch outside or comfort zone on the burpee box jumps as well in order to bank as much rest as possible.

– Ahletes can expect the toughest rounds to be rounds 3 and 4. These are the rounds that will require the most grit and focus. Knowing this, we can aim to build our speed so that these rounds are our fastest round of the day.