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“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” – Mother Theresa

Imagine we’re moving. And we have two friends, who both extend an offer to help.

The first friend writes us a check for 1,000 dollars to help with the moving expenses. Incredibly generous. The second friend doesn’t offer a dime, but instead comes to our old place, helps us pack up every box, drives with us to the new house, and unpacks everything with us into the early hours in the morning.

Fast forward two weeks later. Both friends call you to ask for a favor. Which friend are we more likely to help?

We would choose the second friend. But why? If we were to try to explain, we collectively would flow to the same, natural response… “Because they would have done it for me.”

Money has relative value. But time is an absolute.
If we want to make a “perishable donation”, give money.
If we want to make an everlasting impact, give time.

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Bench Press

Bench Press


Rest As Needed Between Sets.

Percentages Based Off 1RM Bench:

Sets 1+2: 8 Reps @ 70%

Sets 3+4: 6 Reps @ 75%

Sets 5+6: 4 Reps @ 80%



– Double Dumbbell Bench Press

– Barbell Floor Press (Same Percentages With 2s Negative Each Rep)

– Seated Strict Press

Movement Prep

1-2 warm-up sets of 5-10 reps with light weights.


– Using bench press to build some raw slow strength for the year ahead. We are building off of last week.

– We are looking for full range of motion here. Elbows fully lock out at the top (think 1s pause in the lockout) and barbell touches the sternum (chest) at the bottom of each rep. Performing the full range of motion will promote the most strength gains.

– You’ll complete 2 sets of 8 reps, 2 sets of 6 reps, and 2 sets of 4 reps. You can rest as much as you would like between all sets.

– Score: Enter the final weight used.


Compounding Interest (Time)

“Compounding Interest”

5 Rounds:

30 Double Unders

10 Overhead Squats MRx:75/55, Rx:95 / 65

Directly Into..

1 Round:

30 Overhead Squats MRx:55/45, Rx:75/55

100 Double Unders



– 1.5x Single Unders

– Line Hops


– Front Squats

– Single Dumbbell Overhead Squats

Movement Prep

2 Rounds:

10 Double Unders

5 Overhead Squats

– Conditioning Category: Threshold

– This workout is meant to be a quick one. Each of the 5 rounds should take less than 1:30. The final round should take less than 5:00.

– The weight on the barbell should be light enough to complete the 5 rounds of 10 overhead squats unbroken.

– The sets of 30 double unders should take less than 1:00. The set of 100 double unders should take less than 2:00.

– Score: Time


– In the first portion of the workout, we want to move quickly on the barbell and breathe on the jump rope.

– While we want to move quickly on the barbell, we want to be sure that we are achieving full depth each rep as well as standing up fully each rep.

– In the second portion, we can aim to complete the overhead squats in 1-3 sets. Same for the double unders.

– If we hold on for 1 or 2 big sets on the barbell in the second portion, we can expect the arms to feel fatigued going into the double unders. If we tend to struggle with double unders, we should plan to break at least once on the barbell to give the arms some relief.