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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I’ll remember. Involve me, and I’ll learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

The musician doesn’t learn by listening. The musician learns, by playing. It’s how the mind, in its ever plastic state, adapts. It responds to application.

In the “Cone of Learning” (Edgar Dale), we learn:
10% of what we read.
20% of what we hear.
30% of what we see.
50% of what we hear and see.
70% of what we say and write.
90% of what we actually participate in.

Information without application, is knowledge.
Information with application, is wisdom.

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Back Squat

You choose your weights.

Record your heaviest set.


Captain Hook (AMRAP – Reps)

“Captain Hook”

5 Rounds For Reps:

1 Minute Rope Climbs

1 Minute Dumbbell Snatches MRx:35/25, Rx:55/30, Rx+:70 / 50 lb

1 Minute Calorie Row

1 Minute Rest



– 2 Strict Pull-Ups + 2 Toes To Bar = 1 Rope

– 5 Ring Rows = 1 Rope

– Reduce Height

– 3 Rope Pulls = 1 Climb


– Kettlebell Swings


– Sub Any Machine

– Burpees

– Double Unders

Movement Prep

Complete 20s At Each Station

– Conditioning Category: Sprint

– We are looking to accumulate max reps for each movement during each minute.

– We should be able to complete 2+ rope climbs each round. Modify if needed.

– The dumbbell weight should be slightly heavier than we usually use. We should be able to get 20+ reps per round. We can switch hands in the air or on the floor.

– We will provide 5 scoring bars for you to enter total reps from each round, the app will then add them together for the final score.

– Score: Total Reps


– The rope climb is a slower movement and one we will want to pick a number to try to achieve each round.

– Use the whole minute on the dumbbell. We can accumulate a good bit of reps here so we want to be sure to stay moving. Switch hands on the ground or on the way down.

– We should look to push about 9/10 intensity on the rower to finish each round. 1 minute rest isn’t a lot, but it’s enough for us to get back into the slower moving rope climbs.

– Our goal each round is to accumulate the same number of reps as the previous round. Set the bar in round 1 and try to hold.