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“You can’t build on top of success you don’t acknowledge.” – Dallas Travers

There’s a dark side to being so driven.
We can be so focused on constantly improving that we can forget to look back. And acknowledge where we came from. I bet we can all relate to a time where we landed a PR lift, or a raise at work… where we *were* psyched, but only for mere seconds. Before we know it, we’re already thinking, “what’s next?” The finish line always moves.

It’s not wrong to be passionately driven.
That’s not where the harm comes from.
The harm comes when we don’t celebrate our victories.

We aim to live in a state of true “blissful disassifaction”. Grateful for every experience that comes our way, all the while in a fiery pursuit of the next best version of ourselves. Think of it less as a “pat on the back”, and more of a foundation that we build on. to build upon. As the quote above teaches us, we can’t build on top of success we don’t acknowledge.

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:30 in each pose


1. Puppy Pose: 1 Minute

2. Shoulder to Floor: 1 Minute

3. Wrist Stretches: 1 Minute


1. Couch Stretch: 2 Minutes Each Side

2. Pigeon Pose: 2 Minutes Each Side

3. Butterfly: 90 Seconds

4. Pike: 1 Minute

5. Straddle: 1 Minute

6. Spiderman Hold: 1 Minute

“R&R” (Distance)

For Meters on Bike or Run

10:00 Bike or Run

Directly Into…

5 Rounds:

20 Banded Pull Aparts

20 Walking Lunges (10 Each Leg)

20 AbMat Sit-Ups

Directly Into…

10:00 Bike Or Run

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

:20s Handstand Hold (Against A Wall or Free Standing)

:40s Wall Sit

:60s Plank Hold