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“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but rather the most adaptive to change.” – Charles Darwin

There’s a reason why we are still here on Earth. We adapted.

Yet the very thing that pushed us to where we are today, we find ourselves avoiding. We avoid, as human beings, challenge. We would much rather be comfortable, cozy, and safe. Now we aren’t going to let loose predators to chase us around, but if we truly want to find that next best version of ourselves… we know we need to get uncomfortable.

When we find ourselves struggling today, take a step back. Realize for just a moment, in the uncomfortable mess that we are in, that this is us… getting better. If we can re-wire ourselves to embrace those sweaty, painful, often embarrassing moments… we can go wherever we want to go.

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“Quick Draw” (Time)

6 Rounds

1st – 1:00 Row

2nd – 1:00 Plank

3rd – 1:00 Bike

4th – 20 Russian Kettlebell Swing

5th – 200m Run/Ski

KB Rx 24/16
Measure is total time, but keep track of your row and bike Calories for notes!

This is a cardio buster

Quick transitions to the next movement and keep going.