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“Ductus Exemplo”

The above quote is Latin which translates to “Leadership by example.” Below is a short story of Ghandi, the famed spirtitual and political leader, on the power of authentic leadership.

One day, a woman traveled a great distance to take her son to Ghandi. When they finally met, she asks for him to tell her son to “stop eating sugar.” Ghandi, in response to the request, asks the woman to come back in 30 days.

Confused, the woman leaves with her son, and returns 30 days later. She asks the same, for Ghandi to tell her son to stop eating sugar. Ghandi tenderly looks at the bot and tells him to stop. Immediately the boy agrees, pledging that he will no longer eat sugar.

Grateful but still confused, the mother asks why she had to travel back 30 days later to begin with. Ghandi replied, “Because 30 days ago I was still eating sugar.”

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Bergener Snatch Warm-up (4 x 4 pulls for technique)

using PVC or an empty bar do:

– 4 reps snatch grip pulls to waist (arms don’t bend)

– 4 reps pulls to shrug (arms don’t bend)

– 4 reps pulls to elbows high (now arms bend)

– 4 complete power snatch pulls
– 1st pull is slow and focused on proper form

– 2nd pull is slightly faster

– 3rd pull is faster still

– 4th pull is at lift speed

– focus on getting hips to the bar


Snatch Technique 1 (on the 2:00 x 5 sets)

– 2 pausing snatch balances

– 2 pausing OHS

Pause 2s in the bottom of each squat
– focus is getting familiar with a solid overhead position in the bottom of a squat

– % based on 1RM Snatch

– set 1 – 30%

– set 2 – 35%

– sets 3, 4, 5 – 40%

– score is the weight you use for sets 3, 4, & 5.

Snatch Technique 2 (on the 2:00 x 5 sets)

– 3 position squat snatch
– position 1 – high hang (at the pockets

– position 2 – 1 inch above the knees

– position 3 – floor

– light weights to ensure the focus is on moving well, not on the loading.

– all sets performed at 30-40%

– perform all three back-to-back

Over and Out (Time)

– 20 power snatches

– 20 lateral barbell burpees

– 20 OHS

– 20 lateral barbell burpees

– 20 squat snatches

MRx: 55/35, Rx: 75/45, Rx+: 95/65
– conditioning category: Threshold

– looking for a load we could confidently cycle 20+ unbroken when fresh

– this workout is all about the barbell, pace the burpees

– aim to complete the lifts in 1-3 sets