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100,000- pound Challenge (Weight)

“Weaklings and weak-willed need not attempt this insane challenge!” Men’s health magazine

JUST KIDDING! It’s not 100,000 lbs!

This is a class where you pick the movements, weights (if any, body weight counts, and amount moved).

45 min. time cap

– start with 500m row, then work!

– at 10 min mark row 400m, work!

– at the 20 min mark row 300m, work!

– at 30 min, row 200m, work!

-at 40 min row 100m, work!

SEAL Crusher Part 5 (Time)

4 sets of 15 reps (goal = unbroken)

buy-in: 500m row or run

– db row (each arm)

– bb bent over row

– pull ups (normal, wide, neutral, reverse)

– db superset 3-way biceps curl (normal, reverse, hammer – unbroken)

– bb curl

– 100 abs

– 200m row or run

cash out:

– 500m row or run