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“Enthusiasm is common. But endurance, is rare.” Angela Duckworth

How often do we see a friend start a goal, only to fall off in a matter of weeks (maybe days)? Enthusiasm or motivation is quick to come by, but also quick to go. Motivation and short term goals can’t change us. They can’t even move us. What does, are reasons. It’s not the goal of losing 5 pounds that drives one forward; it’s because we want to set an example for a child that we’re not ‘genetically predetermined” to be overweight, even if the entire family has always been.

Reasons are what wakes us up in the morning. Reasosn are what drives us to go the extra mile. It’s where we draw our endurance from. Goals and enthusiasm aren’t wrong to have, but they can’t be our backbone. Enthusiasm can be broken. Reasons, on the other hand, are impenetrable.

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Strict Pull-Up (3 sets max effort)

– score highest number of reps.

The Old Block (Time)

– 50 wallballs 20/14

– 40 box jumps 24/20

– 30 lateral barbell burpees

– 20 power snatches

– 1,000m row

MRx: 75/45, Rx: 95/65, Rx+: 115/85
– this aerobic workout is going to put our pacing to the test.

– step ups are ok for everyone as long as we take off with 2 feet to get over the barbell after the burpee.

– row through until you see 1,000m as this is the competition standard.

– no time cap, score is time completed.

“Lighten your load” Body armor (Time)

4 sets for time:

– 10 weighted abmat sit-ups 55/35

– 10 weighted abmat sit-ups 45/25

– 10 abmat sit-ups (unweighted)
– working our midline with “drop sets”

– use a dumb bell or a plate

– quickly transition between weights