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“You make a living with what you get. You make a life with what you give. ” Winston Churchill

Think back to a time in your life when you came in clutch for someone. One where your actions made a significant impact on someone’s life. Maybe it was a time where you showed up for a friend in a time of need. But you didn’t just show up; you went above and beyond. Not because of some expected return or alterior motive, but because you believed it was the right thing to do. You genuinely cared.

Think back to that day, and how it made you feel when you saw your impact. Think back to how it felt to know you made a difference. It felt good, didn’t it.

Science has shown us that one of the most powerful emotions we can feel, via seretonin, is released in mass at these moments. But what is even more interesting, is that it’s literally contagious. Think back to the last time you saw “someone else” doing something generous. Maybe it was as simple as holding the door open at the store for an elderly customer. Think back to that; how did you feel, witnessing that? Did it make you feel more generous?

If generosity is contagious, it just needs to be started. Let it be us.
Be the change we want to see in this world.

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Power Snatch Technique Work (6 sets x 2 reps)

6 sets ( about 10-12 min)

– 2 low-hang power snatches
all based on 1RM snatch

– set 1 – 60%

– set 2 – 65%

– set 3 – 70%

– sets 4, 5, 6 – 75%

– The low-hang position is beneath the knee, but not touching the floor (about 2″ off the floor).

– always start by first deadlifting the bar to full extension then lower the bar into the low-hang position.

– by not touching the floor we are forced to work harder to maintain sound positioning on these reps.

Lats on…drive the knees back and out of the way as we keep the bar close.

Triple Sec (Time)


– kipping handstand push ups

– toes 2 bar

– 200 double unders (200 singles)


– kipping deficit HSPU (45/25)

– chest 2 bar pull ups

– 150 double unders (150 singles)


– kipping deficit HSPU (2×45/2×25)

– bar muscle-ups

– 100 double unders (100 singles)
– this is all about managing our gymnastic stamina

– this takes patience and focus, pacing is key.

– This workout is all about managing shoulder fatigue to avoid muscle failure.


kipping HSPU

– double db push press

– box HSPU

– deficit push ups

toes 2 bar

– V-ups

– weighted abmat sit ups

– GHD sit ups

chest 2 bar pull ups

– chin over bar pull ups

– Aussies (inverted row)

– double db bent over row

bar MU’s

– jumping bar mu’s

– burpee pull ups

– renegade rows (plank row with push up)

– db plank rows