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“Do not fear failure . But be terrified of regret.” Ashley Soughtly Spaulding

The reality of life is that we hear more “no’s” than “yes’s”. And we will fail. A lot.

But despite the hundreds of doors closed on our phase, the hundreds of times we are told “no way” they will haunt us. What we will regret will be the instances where we gave up. Where we told “ourselves” no.

We don’t fear failure, we welcome it. It’s where the learning occurs. Where the real magic happens.

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Speed Conditioning (No Measure)

On the 2:00 x 5 minutes:

– 15/12 calorie ski erg

– :30s handstand weight shift

as needed

– double db overhead hold

The Landlord (Time)

with only 20 minutes to complete:


– squat cleans MRx: 115/85; Rx: 155/105; Rx+: 185/135

– dual db push press MRx: 35/25; Rx: 50/35; Rx+ 60/45

whether done or not, everyone transitions to the weightlifting at 20:00.
This “steady Grind WOD” should be done with a moderate weight – something you can do10+ rds unbroken when fresh.

– over half the reps are in the first three rounds, don’t let that get to you, keep pushing forward.

Push Jerk (6 x 2 lifts (1:30))

on the 20:00 and every 90s:

– 1 push jerk

– 1 split jerk

– take from the rack, do both lifts before re-racking the bar

– % based on 1RM jerk

set 1 – 70%

set 2 – 74%

set 3 – 78%

set 4 – 78-82%

set 5 – 78-86%

set 6 – 78-90%

Score heaviest combination