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It doesn’t matter when we start.
It doesn’t matter where we start.
All that matters is that we start.

If you’re human you’ve felt the burn of waiting too long. Felt the pain of a missed opportunity, not due to action, but no action.

It is wise of us to recognize that it is a human condition to wait for the better setup. It is our nature to be risk averse. We want safety and guaranteed results. Yet the unfortunate guarantee there is that we’ll wake tomorrow in the same place we are today, … if not worse.

Just start.
Whatever it is you’re not too old. You’re not too young. You’re not too busy, too poor, too sick, too injured, too unprepared, too tired, too too uneducated, and you’re not too weak. You’re ready. The perfect time is now.

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See coaches board in the gym.

Jumpin, Jumpin (Time)

Using a running clock do: (15 min cap)

– 60/40 calorie row

– 35/25 Echo bike

– 20 power clean & jerks 115/85
– today is a two part WOD with a focus on the power clean & jerk.

– part 1 is a triplet that involves conditioning and oly skills.

expect this to take between 7-10 minutes.

– part 2 will begin on the 15 minute mark.

– You can push jerk or split jerk, but recommend the push jerk for transfer-ability into metcons.

power clean & jerk (EMOM x 10)

on the 15:00;

– sets 1 & 2 – 68% of 1RM C&J

– sets 3 & 4 – 72%

– sets 5 & 6 – 76%

– sets 7 & 8 – 80%

– sets 9 & 10 – 80-83%