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“Seek not good from without; seek it within yourselves, or you will never find it.” Epictetus

When something goes right, we’re relatively quick to point to actions we took to get there. But when something goes wrong, it’s all too easy for us to do the opposite. To play the “blame game,” where we’re using external events as excuses.

A core tenant of mental toughness is responsibility. To accept that we played a role. But the purpose is not to blame ourselves or throw a pity party. The purpose is that it gives us options.

When we take responsibility and look within, we now are in control. We can focus on the moves to make to put ourselves into better positions. It opens our eyes to the path forward. If we do the opposite however, and blame the externals, we have surrendered control. We won’t have any control, as the story we’re telling ourselves is that outside events determine my path.

Responsibility is a weapon, and it only comes from within.

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Snatch Technique (every 2 min x 5 sets)

every 2 min. x 5 sets

– 3 snatch grip push jerks

– 3 OHS

– 3 snatch balances

based on 1RM snatch

set 1 – 50%

set 2 – 55%

sets 3-5 – 60%
– This lighter weight technique complex will help teach an aggressive shoulder punch and getting comfortable at the bottom of the snatch

– the 9 reps do not need to be unbroken

– Barbell is taken from the rack

– sets begin every 2 min. 0-2-4-6-8

– record heaviest set

Modifications as needed

Middle management (Time)

For time:

– 40/30 cal row

– 20 squat snatches 75/55

– 40/30 cal row
– Today’s WOD will dial in the skills from the strength work.

– designed to take between 6-10 minutes.

– barbell starts from the ground.

– Think about using a hook grip.


– 30/21 cal Echo Bike vs. row

– 400m run vs. row

– db power snatches