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“No one was ever wise by chance” Seneca

Let’s pretend we have two individuals out hiking in the woods.
The first trips over a root, and after scrambling back to his feet, kicks the root in frustration and storms off. The second trips over the very same root, but has a different response. After gathering himself, he looks around, refreshing himself of the importance to scan the path ahead. He then moves on, now paying closer attention to the ground in front of him.

One took the effort to learn from it, one did not. Wisdom isn’t by chance. Wisdom is by choice.

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2 minutes easy on any erg machine

then… (1 minute for each)

– LAX ball pec smash each side

– wall/rig pec stretch each side

– banded triceps stretch each side

– Spiderman and reach stretch each side

– 5 inch worms to push-ups

– 10 3 sec. slow tempo air squats to full depth (5 sec. hold at the bottom), quickly stand

Gymnastic Stamina

Alternating on the 2:00 x 3 rounds (each)

On the 0:00…

– 30-50% of max kipping HSPU

– 30-50% of max C2B pull-ups

On the 2:00…

Build to a heavy unbroken complex

– 3 power cleans

– 3 front squats

– 3 push jerks

% based on 1RM C&J

– set 1 – 55%

– set 2 – 60%

– set 3 – 65%


This gymnasty will work to build our HSPU and C2B pull-ups while working a barbell complex.

The station will flow as follows:

– 0:00-2:00 gymnastic set

– 2:00-4:00 barbell set

– 4:00-6:00 gymnastic set

– 6:00-8:00 barbell set

– 8:00-10:00 gymnastic set

– 10:00-12:00 barbell set



– box HSPU

– floor push-ups

C2B pull-ups

– pull-ups

– “Aussies” (inverted row)

20 Questions (Time)

For Time:

– 20 power cleans

– 20 thrusters

– 20 push press

– 20 hang power snatches

– 20 overhead squats

– 20 front squats

** On the minute 3 burpees

Rx 65/45

Today’s workout includes 6 lightweight barbell movements.

– the goal is to move quickly through this WOD.

– This WOD begins with barbell work.

– 3 burpees every minute will slow your progress. Pick up on the barbell work where you left off.

– 12-15 minutes is the target time.

– Chose a weight based off the lift that is most difficult for you. When fresh you should be able to do 25-30 reps unbroken.

– Use one barbell, unless an injury significantly changes the weight of a movement.


– Move quickly and safely through the barbell movements, the lighter weight will tempt you to move inefficiently, do the movements properly.

– The burpees are essentially your recovery time.

– Move at a steady pace that allows you to get your hands on the bar as soon as you finish the 3rd burpee.

– A good way to think about each barbell movement is to think of two sets of 10. It is much easier to pick up the bar when you have 10 reps to do instead of 20.


All dumbbell movements: (30 reps, 15 each side)

– single db power cleans

– single db thrusters

– single db push press

– single db power snatches

– single db overhead squats

– single db front squats