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“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is a difference between one who is “there”, and one who is “being there”.

Many of us here are parents. You would understand more than most how being present is everything. A parent can go to their kids’ soccer game, and sit in the stands on their phone, awaiting the end. Or they can go to the game, and passionately be there. Not by yelling or cheering, but by intently wanting to be there. One is “just there”. The other is “being there”.

We can go on a family vacation because, “it’s what families do once a year”, or we can go on a family vacation because we want to spend more time with each other without the distractions of our daily lives. From the outside looking in, it may or may not be as visibly obvious of the effects it leaves.

The obvious application here is in our training. If we were to go through the motions in “Fran” (21-15-9 Thruster/Pull-Up), with a relaxed, 15:00 completion time… there is very little benefit.

The less obvious is our daily encounters outside the gym. Where we may be going through the motions. Is it a lack-luster goodbye to our significant other before leaving for work? Is it greeting an employee with a “How are you?” even though we don’t mean it?

It’s okay to discover these in our daily lives. They happen, as we become comfortable in a routine. Doesn’t mean they should stay that way.

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Home WOD

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Metcon (No Measure)

“Deck of Cards”

Spades – Goblet Squats

Clubs – Burpees

Diamonds – Sit-Ups

Hearts – Single Arm DB Snatches
Deck of Cards Video ( )

Metcon (No Measure)

“Deck of Cards” (No Equipment Version)

Spades – Odd-Object Zercher Squats

Clubs – Odd-Object to Shoulder

Hearts – Sit-Ups

Diamonds – Burpees

Deck of Cards Video ( )

Adjust video movements to the movements listed above

Movement Videos

Odd Object Zercher Squats Video ( )

Odd-Object to Shoulder Video ( )


If you have the proper equipment

Front Squat

On the 2:00 x 7 Sets

Set #1 (On the 0:00) – 3 Reps @ 80%

Set #2 (On the 2:00) – 1 Rep @ 90%

Set #3 (On the 4:00) – 3 Reps @ 80%

Set #4 (On the 6:00) – 1 Rep @ 93%

Set #5 (On the 8:00) – 3 Reps @ 80%

Set #6 (On the 10:00) – 1 Rep @ 96%

Set #7 (On the 12:00) – 12 Reps @ 70%

*Percentages based on 1RM Front Squat


-Entering the 6th iteration of these Front Squat Waves

-The percentages will stay at 80% for each set of 3

-The percentages will climb by 3% on each set of 1 (90-96%)

-We’ll finish out the session with a 12-rep drop set at 70%

-Sets begin every 2 minutes (0:00 – 2:00 – 4:00 – 6:00 – 8:00 – 10:00 – 12:00)

-These percentages based on your 1RM Front Squat


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 Bar Muscle-Ups

10 Overhead Squats (95/65)

15 Deadlifts (95/65)



Reduce Reps

Banded Bar Muscle-ups

Jumping Bar Muscle-ups (Off Box)


-In this light weight workout, the reps increase as the complexity of the movement decreases

-Let’s choose weights and variations that allow you to complete around 5 rounds over the 15 minutes (Every 3 Minutes)


-Pick a number or variation that you can complete in under a minute


-Choose your one barbell weight based of the more challenging of the two movements: the overhead squat

-This should be a lighter weight that you’ll be able to complete the 10 reps unbroken throughout

-The deadlift bar is designed to be incredibly light, but you may break it up quite a bit based on strategy



-Break-up strategy here will be very person specific, but let’s pick an option from the beginning that you see yourself being able to maintain for 5 rounds

-There is no number too small here, just find a way to keep moving in the right direction

-Here are some options:

1 Set: 5

2 Sets: 3-2

3 Sets: 2-2-1

4 Sets: 2-1-1-1

5 Sets: Singles


-Let’s try to work through unbroken sets of overhead squats today if possible

-It’s better to take a longer rest before getting the bar up than it is to break in the middle of the set

-The nature of this movement means we have to perform another snatch to get the bar overhead if we break

-The deadlift is a much easier place to break


-With the bar coming back down to the ground on each rep, break-up the deadlifts as much as you need to

-Think of these very light 15 reps as a “”moving rest”” before returning to the two more challenging movements

-Slowing down here can better enable you to work through large sets on the bar muscle-ups and overhead squats

-Consider the following options:

1 Set: 15

2 Sets: 8-7 or 10-5

3 Sets: 5-5-5 or 6-5-4

4 Sets: 4-4-4-3