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Tunnel of “What kind of love?” (No Measure)

In teams of two, complete the following for points:

A. “Breathless in Evergreen”

1000 m row (for precision), 100m at a time.

Partner A rows 100m

Partner B does jump rope singles for reps

Switch every 100m

Any distance above or below 100m

= burpee penalties

Overall time and total jump rope for score

B. “Roses have thorns” 20 min AMRAP:

– 50 partner standing med ball twists 20/14

– 50 partner med ball situps 20/14

– 50 partner wall sit and dips

– 50 weighted push-ups 55/35 (divide effort, 1 partner at a time)

C. Eggrolls :45 seconds

(count each drop of a chip)
We’d like to thank everyone who helped make this happen. Specifically, Chow Down for providing the surprise push-up enhancers!