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“Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination.” – Carls Von Karlswich

Choice is one of the most powerful things we have as human beings.
But hiding in that power, is also one of the most destructive forces imaginable.

Ironically enough, the missing link to accomplishing that “thing”, is choice… specifically, the lack of it.

A different thought process from the quote above, is to stop trying to do everything.

To be able to stand in a room with a thousand doors, and be able to close 999 of them.

Are we trying to do too much? Sometimes less truly can be more.

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Metcon (No Measure)


-3 Tempo Negative Strict Handstand Push-ups

-5 Strict Toes to Bar

Directly Into..


-1 Wall Walk

-1 Strict Chest to Bar Pull-up

-1 Strict Pull-up

-1 Kipping Pull-up

-1 Chest to Bar Pull-up


Part Time (Time)

(20 Min Cap)

3 Rounds:

-12 Burpees Over Dumbbell

-18 Pull-ups (Rx+= C2B)

Directly Into…

3 Rounds:

-12 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (55/35) (Rx+=70/50)

-18/12 Calorie Row


-We’ll complete two couplet workouts with no rest between

-All 3 rounds of the burpees and pull-ups should be completed before moving on to the snatches and row

-Expecting this conditioning piece to take around 12-20 minutes to complete


-The burpees are to be completed lateral over the dumbbell

-There is no need to stand to full extension, but the feet should pass over the top of the dumbbell each time


-Choose a variation or rep scheme that allows you to complete the 18 reps in at least sets of 3-5 during the workout

Dumbbell Snatches:

-Alternate arms every rep, completing 6 on each side

-This should be a slightly heavier weight, but something that you could complete at least 12 reps unbroken when fresh


First Part:

-With a sneaky 54 pull-ups across the 3 rounds, we can think about breaking these up from the beginning to preserve our upper body pull

-Consider the following sets:

1 Set: 18

2 Sets: 9-9

3 Sets: 6-6-6

4 Sets: 6-5-4-3

5 Sets: 4-4-4-3-3

6 Sets: 3’s

-We’ll always be moving on the burpees, so find a pace that supports your pull-up strategy

-If you know you’ll need some more time to recover your pull-up, slow these reps down and just keep moving

Second Part:

-The movement we’ll always stay moving on during the second part, like the burpees in part 1, is the row

-That being said, let’s push to also stay moving as much as possible on the movement we would stop on – the dumbbell snatches

-Switching on the ground can be helpful when finding a rhythm with the heavier bell, but if you’re able to, switching in the air is faster

-While we’ll always be moving on the rower, it’s not a throw away station, as we get a big calorie payoff for higher power outputs

-Try to start the row fast each time to get that first calorie or two to tick off quickly, then settle into a moderate pace for the remaining calories