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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

One of the most challenging things we can do, is to reflect. To reflect, with brutal honesty.

This quote can be applied in many ways, but it’s most commonly applied to the physical acts of our days. Whether we show up to the gym at 5:30am to train. Whether we eat the proper food we brought to work with us, or order out for lunch.

What’s more challenging, is to look further inward. And reflect, with brutal honesty, on our thoughts. The way we think.

When we missed the lift, what were our immediate thoughts?
When we were cut off on the road by another car, what did we say to ourselves?
When the gossip arrived in the locker room, what did we first think?

If our thoughts become actions, this must be where we start.

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Back Squat

Back Squat Waves

Set 1: 4 Reps @ 86%

Set 2: 3 Reps @ 92%

Set 3: 1 Reps @ 98%

3 Minutes Rest

Set 4: 4 Reps @ 92%

Set 5: 3 Reps @ 98%

Set 6: 2 Reps @ 104%

3 Minutes Rest

Set 7: 4 Reps @ 98%

Set 8: 3 Reps @ 104%

Set 9: 2 Reps @ 110%


-Increasing by 3% across all lifts from last week

-All percentages are based off your 5-Rep Heavy Back Squat

-Rest as needed between sets and three minutes after sets 3 and 6

-We’ll re-test our 5-Rep Back Squat next week


Air Fryer (Time)

3 Rounds: (15 Min Cap)

50 Air Squats

10 Power Clean & Jerks (135/95)

-“Air Fryer” is a simple and effective couplet workout of Air Squats and Power Clean and Jerks

-Choose a weight on the barbell that you could cycle for upwards of 20+ reps unbroken when fresh

-Within the workout, this should be a weight that you can complete ‘touch and go’ sets

-We expect the 3 rounds to take somewhere in the 5-10 minute range to complete


-Today is a fantastic opportunity to get aggressive on the barbell

-The air squats essentially serve as our pacer, allowing us to work through large ‘touch and go’ clean and jerks

-Find the max pace on your 50 air squats that still allows you to attack the 10 barbell reps

-On the barbell, try to minimize sets – aiming for somewhere between 1-3:

1 Set: 10

2 Sets: 5-5

3 Sets: 4-3-3