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“I’ll either find a way, or I’ll make one.” – Hannibal

Said by a man who got elephants to climb a mountain.

Angela Duckworth, a leading expert on the study of “grit”, defines it as follows:

“Passion and sustained persistence applied towards long-term achievement, with no particular concern for rewards or recognition along the way.”

If there is a single attribute that is the closest correlate to success, it may very well be grit.

Grit is very much in line with our definition of “mental toughness”. To give our unconditional best, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s doing the unsexy hard work… when no one’s watching.
It’s refusing to see a “failure” as “defeat”.
It’s refusing to believe that elephants can’t climb mountains… and then proving it.

We look to the past not to seek out what is possible. We look to the past to study ways that have worked before.

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Front Squat

On the Minute x 9:

On the 0: 1 Front Squat @ 78%

On the 1: 1 Front Squat @ 81%

On the 2: 1 Front Squat @ 84%

On the 3: 1 Front Squat @ 81%

On the 4: 1 Front Squat @ 84%

On the 5: 1 Front Squat @ 87%

On the 6: 1 Front Squat @ 84%

On the 7: 1 Front Squat @ 87%

On the 8: 1 Front Squat @ 90%


This is the first of 3 weeks of a incremental build in percentages on front squats waves

Each set will start on the top of the minute

Have your extra plates nearby beforehand, as you’ll have less than 60 seconds to change out weights between sets

Percentages are based off your 1RM Front Squat


Marston (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


1 Deadlift (275/200) (Rx+=405/285)

10 Toes to Bar

15 Barbell Facing Burpees

-Honoring Blake Marston, a fellow CrossFitter, on the 5 year anniversary of his passing

-Special Warfare Operator 1st Class William Blake Marston, 31, of Concord, NH died during Navy SEAL parachute training in DeLand, Fla., Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015, at the age of 31. Marston was assigned to an East-coast based SEAL Team and served in the Navy for six years. Marston completed SEAL Training in 2009. He was a member of CrossFit Rife.


-The big thing that sticks out on paper in this workout is the single heavy deadlift to start each round

-This should be a weight that is a little scary and very challenging, but one that allows you to move well without failing any reps

-The goal is not to go prescribed here, rather it is to lift something outside your comfort zone that is heavy for a single rep

-Choose a toes to bar variation that you are capable of completing 20+ reps unbroken when fresh

-You can step or jump out of the burpee, but must takeoff and land with both feet over the bar