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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but rather by the seeds you plant.” – Robert Lewis Stevensen

The definition of success is whatever we make of it.

Many directly link results to success. And the lack thereof, to failure. But what if we reshaped that way of thinking. What we measured success, as the seeds we “plant for tomorrow”? What if we decide that a successful day is deemed so purely by how much we learned?

We can view days as tests.
Or we can view days as opportunities.
Time to go tend to the field.

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Back Squat

Percentages based off of last week’s 5-Rep Heavy.

Set 1: 6 Reps @ 70%

Set 2: 4 Reps @ 76%

Set 3: 2 Reps @ 82%

3 Minutes Rest

Set 4: 6 Reps @ 76%

Set 5: 4 Reps @ 82%

Set 6: 2 Reps @ 88%

3 Minutes Rest

Set 7: 6 Reps @ 82%

Set 8: 4 Reps @ 88%

Set 9: 2 Reps @ 94%


-This is the 1st iteration out of 4 for Back Squat Waves

-Rest as needed between sets, but 3 minutes after each 3rd set

-These percentages are based of your 5RM Back Squat


Flinstones (Time)

2 Rounds: (20 Min Cap)

50 Wallballs (20/14) (Rx+=30/20)

40/30 Calorie Row

30 Toes to Bar

20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (40/20) (Rx+=70/50)


Toes to Bar

-Reduce Reps

-Feet as High as Possible (While Maintaining Rhythm)

-Knees to Chest / Waist


-Choose a weight / rep scheme that allows the 50 reps to be completed in 3 minutes or less on the first round (~15 On the Minute)


-Choose a rep scheme or variation that you could complete 15+ reps unbroken when fresh


-You’ll alternate arms every rep for a total of 10 each side

-Choose a weight that allows the 20 reps to be completed under 2 minutes




-With these larger rep schemes, chipping away at manageable sets over the 2 rounds is the name of the game


-Let’s aim to complete the wallballs in 3-5 Sets:

1) 3 Sets: 25-15-10

2) 4 Sets: 20-10-10-10

3) 5 Sets: 5 Sets of 10


-There are two ways to attack the row:

1)Hold a steady, moderate pace and go for bigger sets of toes to bar

2)Try to hold a stronger pace and work through smaller sets of toes to bar


-No matter if you go for bigger sets or smaller sets, pick something that minimizes time spent not moving

-Here are some options:

1) 10 Sets of 3

2) 12-10-8 or 10-10-10

3) 5×6 or 6×5

4) 8-8-7-7

5) 8-7-6-5-4


-There are two ways to approach the dumbbell snatches

1) Steady Singles, Resetting on the Ground: These are more challenging on the muscles because of the dead-stop, but easier on breathing and positioning (20 Sets of 1)

2) Small Touch and Go Sets: Switching hands in the air for touch and go sets is easier muscularly because of the momentum from the top, but can be harder on breathing and positioning (5 Sets of 4, 4 Sets of 5, 2 Sets of 10)