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“It takes as much energy to wish, as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

We are problem-solving-machines. Once we get the engine started, it’s like we kick into gear. Sometimes, it even surprises us how naturally and seamlessly we work through the issue. Turned out we just need to transition that energy from the “wishing” phase, and into the “action” phase.

Ever have a hard time starting to clean the house? The “trick” everyone knows, is to just start. We could stress over it all morning, where we can actually feel the energy being sapped from us, despite the lack of anything being done. Or, we can take that energy and just start.. And as we do, we snap into motion and things start flowing.

Wishing, hoping, wanting… they do nothing. Planning, action, and the demanding of ourselves to create the “how” makes change.

Let’s reinforce it in our minds – we weren’t made to “wish”. We were made to act.

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Overhead Squat

Tempo Overhead Squat

3 Sets of 1

Sets: 50-55-60%


-Tempo Overhead Squat: 5 Second Negative + 2 Second Pause in Bottom

-These percentages are based off your 1RM Overhead Squat

-Sets: 50-55-60%

-All reps are taken from the rack

-Rest as needed between sets


-If unable to Overhead Squat, Front Squats are the Next Best Option

Overhead Squat

Pausing Overhead Squat

3 Sets of 1

Sets: 65-70-75%


-Pausing Overhead Squat: 2 Second Pause in Bottom (Normal Speed Down)

-All reps are taken from the rack

-Rest as needed between sets


-If unable to Overhead Squat, Front Squats are the Next Best Option


Hot Mess (Time)

2 Rounds:

25 Overhead Squats (115/85)

35/25 Calorie Row

-Looking for a weight in “Hot Mess” that you could complete the 25 overhead squats unbroken when fresh

-Within the workout, you should be able to complete these with 2 breaks maximum

-If you’re on the fence about weight, it’s better to go lighter and faster – as this workout is designed to take 10 minutes or less



-How to approach the overhead squats is the big priority in today’s workout

-Pick a strategy in round 1 that you see yourself sticking with in the second round and that allows you to still have some “go” on the row

-For example, it is better to break the 25 reps into 2 sets and have a push on the row than it is to go unbroken on the barbell and crawl through the calories

-Below are some common options on how to break-up (or not break-up) the overhead squats:

1 Set: 25 Unbroken

2 Sets: 15-10

3 Sets: 10-8-7


-Choose a moderate pace on the first round row that allows you to stick to the barbell plan at the start of the second round


3 Rounds, Not for Time:

15 Hollow Rocks

18 Empty Barbell Good Mornings

21 GHD Sit-Ups

24 Hip Extensions


These 3 rounds of midline work are to be completed for quality over speed

Reduce reps or break-up movements as needed to maintain quality