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Workout Definition
“Waste No More Time Arguing What A Good Person Should Be. Be One.” – Marcus Aurelius

It isn’t what we say that defines us, but instead what we do.

In today’s modern world, opinions flow freely. This is a great thing. Yet with such healthy discussions and debates, comes drama, confusion, and a blurred line between what is right and wrong.

The term ‘paralysis through analysis’ is an expression used that describes a situation where we overthink things. We try to appease every opinion, and in attempting so, we do nothing.

Marcus Aurelius urges us to contemplate less, and act more. To be the change we want to see in this world, rather than to argue for it.

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Metcon (No Measure)

4 Sets:

10 Reverse Flys

10 DB Bicep Curls

10 OH DB Tricep Ext


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

40/30 Calorie Row

20 Lateral Burpees Over Bag

20 Sandbag to Shoulder 50/35
Stimulus wise, we are looking to challenge ourselves on the bag, but not to the tune of us ever needing to stare it down for 10 seconds between reps. Heavy and challenging, but metabolic is the aim. To complete a full repetition, we are looking for a full clean up, and over, the shoulder. Bag finishes on the opposite side of the athlete (does not stop on the shoulder).

On the burpees, we are looking for lateral burpees over the bag. Fully recognizing that the standard is not as clear cut as a barbell, it is the stimulus we are after. Two foot jump, with our feet going up and over the bag (not around).

This is a workout where we are looking to be constantly moving. In order to do so, we first want to dial in our pacing. A consistent push forward can very easily catch an athlete who takes off guns blazing, and requires larger breaks between reps. This is a longer effort, and requires concentration on the first round to set ourselves up for success in the later.