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“I want to see it, before I believe it.”

We are visually oriented people.
We seem to trust our eyes more than our other senses.

It’s why we call our ultimate direction, our “vision”. It’s why in the middle of the night, if we think we hear something, we want to take a look before we feel safe enough to fall back asleep. It’s why we say what’s above… “I want to see it before I believe it.”.

Recognizing this, we can leverage it to our advantage. This is the underlying reason why it’s so important to write down our goals. If we can see it, we can start to believe it. The opposite is also true.

Write down our vision. Write down our goals. Write down anything that is important, not because it’s a mundane task… but because we need to see it, before we believe it.

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Bar Star (3 Rounds for reps)

In Teams of 3:

“Bar Star” Part #1

AMRAP 7 – Max Overhead Squats

First 50 Reps – 115/85

Second 50 Reps – 135/95

Time Remaining – 155/105

Rest 3:00

“Bar Star” Part #2

AMRAP 7 – Max Bench Presses

First 50 Reps – 135/95

Second 50 Reps – 155/105

Time Remaining – 185/125

Rest 3:00

“Bar Star” Part #3

AMRAP 7 – Max Deadlifts

First 50 Reps – 185/135

Second 50 Reps – 225/155

Time Remaining – 275/185
In “Bar Star”, we have three parts, each separated with a 3:00 rest between. We’ll transition from the overhead squat, to the bench press, to the deadlift.

At the start of each 7:00 interval, we have a single barbell loaded to the first, and lightest, weight. The team cycles through to move through the first 50 repetitions, in which we’ll then add weights to the second total. Repeat again, and if we clear the second 50 repetitions at this second weight, we’ll add on some more to the third and final weight of the interval. Max reps here, with our score for that respective part being total reps. If we completed the first 50, the second 50, and reached the 7:00 time cap with 12 reps on the third barbell, our score there would be 112.

We’ll do the same for the bench press, and the deadlift.

On all three, as mentioned above, we’re transitioning from the lightest to the heaviest inside each.

For all three movements, here’s what we are looking for:

First loading – Light and manageable. All teammates can find 21+ reps unbroken, when fresh.

Second loading – Moderate. All teammates can find 15+ reps unbroken, when fresh.

Third loading – Heavy, but doable. All teammates could find 9+ reps unbroken, when fresh.