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“The caliber of your life, is the caliber of your emotions.” – Ed Mylett

Head, Heart, Hands.
This concept is from Jim Kwik.
Every action originates as a thought in our head. But from there, thoughts of course don’t just materialize into existence in front of us. It doesn’t go “head to hands”. There’s a step between that decides if it’s going to actually happen: heart.

It’s the emotional connection. Our level of buy-in. We could have the most grandiose plan of all time, but if we aren’t bought in with our heart in full… we know it will never work.

It’s less about what we’re doing, and more about why we’re doing it. Our success is less about “which path”, and more about the level of commitment we bring to it.

As we move through our day, let’s consider this concept of Head, Heart, Hands. If we find ourselves struggling with something… a specific career, a relationship, a lifestyle… what is causing it? Are we bought in?

Head, Heart, Hands.
Our reasons are what will reap our results.

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Strict Pull-Up (5 x 40% Max Strict Pull-ups)


Metcon (Time)

3 Rounds:

15 Box Jumps

20 Pushups

Into 2 Rounds:

27/21 Cal Row

75 Double-Unders

Into 1 Round:

30 TTB

15 Burpees
These three parts are all for time. Moving directly from the completion of the first part into the second, and then into the third, we will have a single time to record.