COVID 19 Safety Gym Protocols

Please stay in your car or in the side room until the previous class is over.
YOU MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN ENTERING. WASH YOUR HANDS. You can change and start to warm up WITH your mask on. Then when the Coach is ready, you will get your temperature taken and can enter the gym.
Gather any equipment needed and stay at your station. Keep your mask with you at all times. Once workout begins you can take mask down and keep your distance.
After workout, replace mask and CLEAN YOUR STATION AND EQUIPMENT.
Wash your hands again.

OPINIONS of all these protocols can be discussed outside the gym. To keep our gym open and in compliance we all will follow the CDC guidelines and State/county mandated rules. These change often and we will adjust as needed during this unprecedented time, together.

Each coach will be navigating our protocols and guidelines as best we can. Help us help you and we will have a safe gym to gather and get stronger together in.