What We Do

Athletic Conditioning (CrossFit)

Our program is based on functional movements that have been around since the beginning of time. These movements, are scaled to your personal abilities and get dramatic results. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience training your body, functional training closely parallels real life movements, and challenges your mind and body. We vary these functional movements and combine them with movements that require skill, balance, accuracy, agility and power. Our CrossFit classes draw from gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular training – they will present a workout that challenges you to your core, at whatever your level of experience. Click here for more info [Why CrossFit].

Physical Re-Conditioning

This is specifically for clients who are experiencing chronic pain, have had an injury that holds them back, and/or are physically limited in their ability to work, walk, relax, sleep, exercise and live their life. It includes an extensive physical assessment (biomechanics, posture, gait, movement, strength, and coordination) and movement analysis followed by specific exercise programming that will bring you back to peak performance.

Clients that begin here can expect improvements in movement, flexibility, stability, reduction or elimination of pain, improved energy and attitude, and confidence. Our process has three steps:

a. Postural & Biomechanical Assessment – to determine the specific areas of muscular imbalance and their related postural deviations.

b. Corrective Flexibility and Movement – to restore the range of motion of joints and tissues and gain structural stability through the core and torso.

c. Corrective Exercise – to rebuild the strength of in-active, weak muscle tissue and to restore balance in the neuromuscular system.