Mike VoglMike Vogl

– CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
– CrossFit Kids Trainer
– CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer
– CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
– CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
– CrossFit Strongman Trainer
– NASM Certified Personal Trainer
– NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

I am a coach and owner of CrossFit Evergreen. I retired with almost 30 years in The army. During my military career I worked with countless soldiers, sports teams and students to help them achieve their fitness goals. If you want to get in the best shape of your life come to CrossFit Evergreen and become a part of our fitness family.

Ryan VoglRyan Vogl

– CrossFit Level 1
– USAW Level 1
– CrossFit Kids Trainer
– CrossFit Gymnastics
– CrossFit Endurance

My name is Ryan Vogl, and I have been doing CrossFit since November 2011. My first CrossFit experience was in 2009 while I was in the Army. Upon re-entering the civilian life I decided to start CrossFitting as my primary source of exercise. Since I began my training I have dropped almost 60 pounds and have never been more fit or felt better in my entire life. I love the feeling of helping others reach their fitness and weight loss goals and look forward to helping anyone who would like to come out and give CrossFit a try.



Katy BixlerKaty Bixler

– CrossFit Level 1

Katy Bixler is a Level 1 CrossFit Certified Coach and is committed to helping you
reach your fitness goals. As a mother of two children, she understands how to
combine effective exercise with active parenting to make it a healthy lifestyle.
Katy’s passion for fitness began at the age of 15 after the first time she walked into a
gym. Six months later she won 3rd place in a bodybuilding show, leaving her craving
more! She was certified as an aerobics instructor at 16 and a personal trainer just 3
years later.

One of Katy’s specialties as a trainer is to help clients overcome lifetime struggles
with health and weight problems through customized nutrition and fitness plans.
She’s helped clients lose over 2,000 pounds collectively over the past sixteen years.
Katy loves being a coach and finds it to be highly rewarding.

In addition to being a CrossFit coach, Katy is owner of X Health and Fitness, a
personal training and personalized performance nutrition consulting business,
located in her home fitness studio in Bailey. Aside from coaching at CrossFit
Evergreen and training clients at her studio, she teaches Boot camp classes and is
the CrossFit Coach of the Platte Canyon Fire Department and Wildland Crew.

Katy continues to fuel her passion for fitness competitions by competing in the
Figure and Bikini divisions of NPC, placing 1st and 1st Overall Novice, which qualified
her for Nationals in June 2012.

Frank CastleFrank Towers

– CrossFit Level 1
– CrossFit Olympic Lifting

Originally from NYC, I moved to Colorado in 2003. My passion for the outdoors and love of life brought me to Summit County and the mountains. I am an avid skier and began developing my coaching skills as a ski instructor. I have been a Professional Firefighter for the last 8 yrs. Through Firefighting I found CrossFit. It was introduced to me as a way to physically train for the demanding day to day operational requirements of the job. Since then CrossFit has taken me beyond the Firefighting benefits and has literally changed my life. It has transformed my body and mind and has taught me there is always more room for improvement in life. I not only share my experience and knowledge with the athletes that train at CrossFit evergreen,but also with my colleagues at the Fire Dept in the hopes of improving all of their lives while making them faster,stronger, and more mentally tough. Intensity folks.

Kristi WhiteKristi White

– CrossFit Level 1

I grew up playing any and all sports available in my small Alabama town, excelling as a three sport athlete in basketball, softball and track. I started swimming with a club team when I was in college and soon after moved to team rowing and sculling. After moving to the West Coast in my late 20’s, I started competing in iron and half-iron triathlons and adventure races, which sparked my interest in biking. I have spent the last 8 years mountain bike racing.

After having my twins, I found it hard to get the time to train for long distance events, which led me to Crossfit. Crossfit has been a perfect compliment to my other athletic interests, and with a stronger core, I am a better athlete: period. I am also better at living life, ie. picking up my kids, lifting my dogs in the truck and biking with my husband. Becoming a CrossFit coach has allowed me to apply my 25 years of competitive sports experience in an atmosphere that encourages athletes to achieve and push past their goals.

Kelli CampbellKelli Campbell

– CrossFit Level 1

I have lived in the Conifer area for 5 years, and consider this area my forever home. I love the active community, the friendly people and the beautiful Rocky Mountains! I grew up playing baseball, lacrosse and street hockey with my 5 brothers, so I have always been competitive. Now that I have 4 sons of my own, I take pride in fostering their competitive spirits as well. After marrying and having kids, I not only struggled with loosing the baby weight, but also to find my niche in the fitness community. Running and weight-lifting helped me achieve some of my goals, but I wanted more than weight loss: I wanted to be an athlete again!

When I discovered that CrossFit Evergreen had just opened in Evergreen, I decided to give it a try. From my first day with the “300” workout, I was addicted! CrossFit is now a part of my everyday routine. Not only is it a challenging workout, but it’s a community, it’s a support group, it’s a way of life for me. In addition to having more energy to keep up with my boys, CrossFit has given me the athleticism and confidence to apply for (and be accepted to!) the Elk Creek Fire Academy in January of 2013.

Cathie NicholsonCathie Nicholson

– CrossFit Level 1

I am married with 2 children, a daughter, Megan in College in Boston MA, and Ryan, who at Marshdale Elementary in Evergreen Colorado.

After my best friend’s 10 month old daughter lost her fight with infant Leukemia, I became a passionate volunteer for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, (LLS). Through the LLS’s Team in Training, I have raised close to $25,000 over the last 9 years for a cure towards Blood Cancers. Prior to 2004, I had never ran a step in my life, in fact I always had a doctors note in gym my entire childhood because I had such severe asthma. I was told I couldn’t run and shouldn’t try, so I never did…until 2004 – if baby Melina had cancer – I would run!

I now am also involved at my son’s Elementary school as a volunteer coach for The Kids Running America and Girls on the Run programs.

As I have continued to grow as an athlete, I have found true overall fitness through Crossfit. I now am stronger, leaner, and more confident in my late 40’s than I ever was in my 20’s – I LOVE THAT! In the beginning, I was leery of the workouts – COULD I DO THAT? Well, Crossfit Evergreen Coach & Owner Mike Vogl was insistent – “yes, Cathie you can” …and I did! You can start Crossfit from any athletic (or non-athletic) background and complete the Workouts. Just show up – give 100% constantly and you will be a stronger / healthier you!

I have been a Crossfit level 1 trainer since Dec 2011, and LOVE helping our athletes strive to reach their goals, and help change their lives. I couldn’t be happier. I love the friends I have made at Crossfit Evergreen, and I enjoy sharing crossfit with our entire community. Come join us!